Mt. Juliet 2019/2020 City Budget - Part 1

I will be doing a series of videos on the Mt. Juliet city budget and the problems we face in passing a budget. Part 1



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Mt. Juliet Abortion Clinic

To be 100% clear on where I stand and what I knew. 

No one with city government approved this clinic.  There was no vote.  The city nor the planning commission has no role in approving/disapproving specific businesses/operations.  The city and the planning commission do have a role in approving a new structure.  In this case, the structure was approved many years ago and various businesses, many medical related, have come and gone since then.

I first heard about this last night (2/28/19) from a text at 10:14 pm.  Operations of this type do not even need to get a city business license to open.  They are issued licenses by the state.  They then contact the owner of the building and rent space.  To my knowledge, no one in the city knew about this.

I am pro-life.  The taking of innocent life is called murder.  Abortion is not a matter of choice, it's a matter of life and how we value life.

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TDOT to build Interstate 40 exit at Central Pike in Mt. Juliet

TDOT to build Interstate 40 exit at Central Pike in Mt. Juliet


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July 3rd Deadline

To receive a text reminder for the upcoming election text 2018 to 615-447-8810
(Note this an automated service) If you need to contact me, please call 615-357-7440 or email me at

August 2nd Election
Early voting July 13th - July 28th

Register to vote here:
Verify voter status:


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Do I need a permit?

I know permits are not a popular subject to talk about, but I hope this will clear up some confusion and maybe help with your future projects.

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Willoughby Station Repaving

Speed hump updates  (attachments)





Repaving should start this week.   (6/3/18)

Details on the repaving.

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