Happy New Year!


Welcome to 2020! It’s a new year and time to focus on moving our city forward. Instead of trying to keep up with growth, we must focus on getting ahead. One complaint I see when it comes to Mt. Juliet is a lack of planning in certain areas. One example I can give is the transportation plan. The city spent 175k dollars on a very nice and comprehensive plan for our current and future needs. This plan included citizen input, several polls, public meetings, meeting with staff, elected officials, and studies of predicted future growth. It is truly a comprehensive plan; however, this plan was completed almost four years ago and has yet to be adopted by the Board of Commissioners. There have been meetings with elected officials, and the Planning Commission had the plan for six months before passing it on to the Board of Commissioners.

2020 is the time for action and vision. It is time to adopt the transportation plan, fund emergency services, form a long-term capital improvement plan for the city, and think long term about our sewer system and where we will be when our contract with Metro ends.

This year I expect to see several votes on key developments. Being an election year, it will be easy for politicians to think short term (November,) but this is the year to think long term and set this city up to fast track some key transportation projects and lay the foundation to secure the high-end quality jobs this city needs.


January Virtual Town Hall

On January 14th, with the help of co-host Shawn Donovan, we hosted our second virtual town hall. We fielded several questions, and the video has been watched several hundred times.

One of our goals is to provide inclusive engagement by offering a variety of ways for the public to participate. The purpose of the virtual town hall meeting is to give residents another way to interact and engage who might not have an opportunity or preference to do so otherwise.

Click here for information on our next virtual town hall to be held on February 4th.

Click here to view the January town hall.

Upcoming Elections


Election Day - March 3rd

Early Voting - February 12-25

On the ballot -

Presidential Primary

County Republican Primary -

Circuit Court Judge

General Session Judge

Wilson County Property Assessor

Public Defender

A referendum to Increase Sales Tax from 9.25% to 9.75%.

Wilson County voters will decide whether to raise the county's sales tax by a half-cent in March. The county has designated their portion for classroom teacher pay.

Click here to register to vote.

Click here to confirm voter registration.

Mt. Juliet Business Spotlight

Congratulations to Brig Thompson, Head of School for the Mt. Juliet Christian Academy, selected as the December Mt. Juliet Business Spotlight.

Click here for more information about Mt. Juliet Christian Academy.

Boy Scouts of America Cub Pack 153

On December 17th, Boy Scouts of America Cub Pack 153 stopped by City Hall and Fire Station 3 for a tour. Meeting with Scouts and answering questions in one of my favorite things to do as a Commissioner. If you have a group interested in earning a badge or a tour, please contact me. I would love to help with your events.


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Upcoming Events

On February 1st, I have another ride-along scheduled with the police department. I learn so much from these experiences about the operations of our city and the struggles our emergency responders face each day.

Pic11.jpg Pic9.png

Also, on Saturday, February 1st, I will be part of the kickoff for Walk Across Wilson. The goal of Walk Across Wilson is to improve citizens’ overall health. Did you know by simply walking 30 minutes per day, six days each week, someone could Walk Across Wilson (36 miles) over the course of 4 weeks? I would be honored if you would walk a mile with me on Saturday the 1st. Click here to RSVP and for more details.


Transportation Project Update

Some of you will remember from the October newsletter that I requested a signal warrant for South Greenhill and Lebanon Road. The results are back from the state, and South Greenhill at Lebanon Road has warranted for a signal. More details will come on the process.

  • The Town Center Trail on target for completion in early spring/summer.
  • The Belinda City Sidewalk is back on schedule for completion in early spring.
  • There are 19 active transportation projects in the budget.

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I try to be the Commissioner that I would want to have, above reproach on all matters of business and ethics, peaceful, kind, long-suffering of critics, and fast to admit mistakes. Thank you for your prayers and support!

James Maness

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