Traffic Issues - Saturday March 14

For Saturday, March 14th - TDOT will begin shutting down I-40 both directions at 7:40 am. This shut down is scheduled for six hours. The westbound traffic will be shut down at Hwy 109 and traffic will funnel both North and South. The official detour route will be to encourage traffic to go south to Central Pike then west to Mt. Juliet Rd., back to I-40. Efforts will be made to send all large trucks south to I-840. Eastbound traffic will, unfortunately, be shut down at our 226 exits. Traffic will exit at all three exits with all large trucks being instructed to travel south to I-24. TDOT official detour will send traffic south to Central Pike then east to Hwy 109.
We will be staffing every intersection with personnel to assist the movement of traffic. For manpower purposes, we will also place the following Mt. Juliet Rd intersections on flash: Weston Drive, Woodridge, and the East Bound Exit ramp lights. We anticipate heavy traffic on Mt. Juliet Rd, Hwy 70, Golden Bear, and Division Street. We will be staffing Hwy 70 intersections from Benders Ferry to Nonaville Rd. placing Park Glen Drive and North Greenhill on flash. Golden Bear’s Westbound ramp will be open so we have placed message boards on Lebanon Rd east of Golden Bear and west of Mt. Juliet Rd. as well as West Division advertising alternate routes to I-40 west; to take Golden Bear to Beckwith Rd. interchange. We have also placed two message boards on Mt. Juliet Rd near Providence and Clearview Drive encouraging drivers to find alternate routes and expect delays tomorrow between 8 am and 2 pm. Below are some ideas for district neighborhoods to avoid MJ congestion:
Park Glen, Tuscan Gardens, Stone hollow to take Golden Bear to the backside of Providence or I-40 West to Nashville.
Providence and Belinda City to use Golden Bear to I-40 west or Lebanon Rd east.
Woodridge, Timber Trail, Oak Hall use the rear exit to Golden Bear
Willoughby Station or Hickory Hills use Division Street to travel east or west.
Nonaville Rd neighborhoods to use Saundersville Rd.
If you can avoid traveling tomorrow before 3 pm it is highly encouraged. If you must we encourage you to leave a couple of hours early.
TVA states that they will work through the rain; however, if winds pick up or if lightning is in the area they will stop working. If they do not finish tomorrow they plan on the same shutdown procedures on Sunday as well.

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