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Planning Commission

On Thursday the 21, the Planning Commission will meet with a long agenda. Most notably is the proposed Bradshaw Farms subdivision. The development is proposed on the same site as the original Jackson Hills phase two. The developer is proposing 561 homes on 193 acres. Almost half of the homes will be age restrictive to 55 and older, which limits impact to the school system. 



Bradshaw Farms

Land for New Fire Station

It has been a long journey since June 2016 when I first introduced a resolution to purchase land on Lebanon Road. This is the second location we have considered, but as of Wednesday the 13th, we now own 2 acres just off Lebanon Rd. While there is much more work to do, this is a big step in the right direction to provide better coverage to the northern portion of the city.


Submit Your Idea



We are trying something new! You are now able to add your ideas and suggestions online to be voted on by others. Do you have a game-changing suggestion for Mt. Juliet? Put it out there and let the community weigh in. Who knows? It may become city policy or our next big initiative!


Virtual Town Hall

On November 5th, with the help of co-host Shawn Donovan, we hosted our first-ever virtual town hall. We fielded several questions, and the video has been watched several hundred times. Plans are in the works for the next town hall, and we are also considering making this a regular event.

One of our goals is to provide inclusive engagement by offering a variety of ways for the public to participate. The goal of the Virtual Town Hall meeting is to give residents another way to interact and engage who might not have an opportunity or preference to do so otherwise.




Veteran's Day

Thank you to Del Webb and the Del Webb Veteran’s Club. Every year the Veteran’ Club organizes a ceremony to honor our Veterans. I was very grateful for the invitation and so impressed by the speech that Lieutenant General John M. Pickler US Army (Ret.) gave. Thank you to all who have served our country!

Veteran's Day

Ban on Private Emails

On Monday the 25th I will be reintroducing my legislation to ban the use of private emails while conducting city business. Every member of the Board of Commissioners, Planning Commission, and city staff have city emails. It is important that anyone doing business on behalf of the city use their city-issued accounts to conduct business. This ensures there is a record of the communication and that the information is available to citizens in the event of public records requests. 

Signal Warrant – South Greenhill / Lebanon Road

Public Works has confirmed the signal warrant study I requested has been submitted to the state for South Greenhill and Lebanon Road. The goal is to address the traffic pattern changes that will result from the new high school. This should also help reduce the cut-thru traffic in Willoughby Station and Hickory Hills. The study is required to see if the traffic count justifies a traffic light at the intersection.

Pancakes with a Purpose

The level of support from the community for Ashley and her fight against ALS was moving! So many of her friends and neighbors worked together to make Pancakes for a Purpose a huge success!


Town Center Trail

Many of you have probably noticed the construction going on along West Division Street. The town center trail is moving ahead. Everything appears on target to open next year, and this will provide walking access for Willoughby Station, Mt. Vernon, Brookstone, and several other nearby neighborhoods.

There is a second vote on the 25th to extend the sidewalks from Willoughby Station and Mt. Vernon to the greenway.

Town Center Trail

Drawing Winner

Congratulations, Jaron! He won a copy of Mt. Juliet-Opoly by signing up for this newsletter!


Police Ride-Along

Last month, I completed another ride-along with second and third shifts. With every ride-along, I learn something new and leave with a newfound respect for the men and women who do so much to keep us safe.

Officer Meador

Coffee With a Cop

Coffee with a Cop was last Friday and hosted by Mt. Juliet Christian Academy. The events are always open to the public, and they are a great way to show your support and find out more about the department.


Chili Cook-Off

On November 2nd, we participated in the Mt. Juliet Police Department’s Community Chili Cook-Off, and to everyone’s surprise, we finished first place in our category! Ok, not that surprising with the weather issues the week before, the event was rescheduled and some of the teams could no longer participate, leaving us as the only team in our category. We won a nice trophy and left with the knowledge that next year, we need to bring a lot more chili since we ran out in 45 minutes. Thanks to everyone who stopped by!


Chandler Pointe Fall Fest and Willoughby Station Fall Fest

I received invitations to both Chandler Pointe and Willoughby Station’s fall fest. It is always amazing the amount of time put into the planning to make these events the success they are. I appreciate all the volunteers who work so hard to make these events possible and what they mean to their communities.

Pic11.png Pic12.png

Upcoming Event - Mt. Juliet Christmas Parade


Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Thank you for your prayers and support!

James Maness

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