When the December newsletter was being planned, we intended to use a lot of pictures from the parade. To be honest, I have not even reviewed most of the pictures and videos that were taken that day. The events that happened after the parade have overshadowed most of the day. As I write this, I understand there are many people still hurting and grieving from the loss of Rowan. The family is devastated by what should have been a joyous day with friends and family. We have a community that is hurting, trying to understand and make sense of this tragic and unimaginable accident. Please keep the Frensley family in your prayers and continue to pray for the first responders, as well as those who witnessed this tragedy.

If you would like to donate to the Frensley family. Click Here

Hundreds came out Sunday evening for a candlelight service and prayer vigil in support of the Frensley family and to remember Rowan.

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Christmas Parade –

I want to thank all the staff, participants, and volunteers who made the parade possible. It takes a lot of hard work to put on an event of this magnitude, and we appreciate everyone who worked behind the scenes to make it a success.

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Town Hall -

We have our next virtual town hall meeting scheduled for January 14th. You will be able to watch the event online and ask questions live. For those who cannot watch the event live, a recording will be uploaded to the website.

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Big Brothers Toy Drive -

Many of you have heard the unfortunate report of hundreds of toys that were stolen from Big Brothers. Now you have a chance to make a difference and help many local families have a happy Christmas. Hickory Hills and Willoughby Station are holding a toy drive to help replenish the supply of stolen gifts. You can drop off your new unopen toys at the Hickory Hills Clubhouse on Wednesday, 18th, from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm. The address is 2304 Devonshire Drive, Old Hickory.


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Amazon -

It has been confirmed that Amazon is coming! Amazon has chosen Mt. Juliet and has done so without any tax breaks from the city. They will deliver over $10 million in direct infrastructure improvements to the sewer system, greenway, and roads. There will be hundreds of jobs, and they will provide the largest office space in the county.


Mt. Juliet Business Spotlight -

Congratulations to Mike Pruitt with Master's Landscape Design! - Selected as the November Mt. Juliet Business Spotlight.


Click here for more information on Master's Landscape Design.

Transportation Project Update -

The short answer is we have a lot going on in Mt. Juliet.

I have included an update from our Public Works Director (Lots of details)

  • Town Center Trail – Construction is well underway with boardwalks and paving and progressing eastward. The estimated completion date is Spring of 2020.
  • Juliet Road Bridge Widening over I-40 - We are in the process of acquiring the right of way (ROW) and easements from affected property owners. We are on schedule to bid the project in February of 2020 and construction to be completed by the Fall of 2021.
  • Lebanon Road Sidewalks, Phase 1 – We are expecting to bid the project this winter and construction to be completed by the end of 2020.
  • Belinda Parkway Sidewalks – Construction is underway. We expect construction to be completed in the spring of 2020.
  • Cedar Creek Greenway – Consultant still working on the final design and working with the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) to get construction plans and documents approved. We have acquired all necessary easements from the property owners to construct and maintain the future greenway. We expect construction to start in the spring of 2020 and construction to be completed in the spring of 2021.
  • Lebanon Road Widening from Park Glen to Golden Bear:
    • Work performed this month:
      • Survey – Updated property owners
      • Survey – Updated utility owners list
      • Geotechnical – Coordination with geotechnical subcontractor
      • Design – Continued preliminary plans development
      • Design – Continued development of quick-start project options
      • Traffic – Queue analysis for quick-start project
      • Traffic – Technical Report finalized on October 30 by TDOT
    • Work planned for the coming month:
      • Geotechnical – Distribute right of entry letters to property owners
        • NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) – Determine NEPA document needs for quick-start project
        • NEPA – Schedule technical studies
        • Design – Present quick-start project options
        • Design – Continue preliminary plans development
      • Upcoming Milestones:
        • Design – Quick-Start project options
      • Mt Juliet Road Widening from Central Pike to Providence Way:
        • Work Performed in the previous month:
          • Technical Report – updated traffic forecasts and submitted to TDOT
          • NEPA – Numerous studies are in the processes of being completed and approved by reviewing agencies
          • Survey – Develop profile and project utilities into a profile
          • Survey – Cleanup of the survey for the final deliverable
          • Design – Hold for resolution of cultural resources
          • Design – Submit draft status plan set to City of Mt. Juliet for their info
        • Work Planned in the coming month:
          • Technical Report – approvals
          • NEPA – Respond to technical comments as they are received from agencies for Ecology, Cultural Resources, and Air/Noise.
          • NEPA – Prepare draft NEPA document report as technical studies are finalized
          • NEPA – Continue NEPA process - continue coordination with TDOT Environmental Division on technical report findings
          • Design – Hold preliminary design process pending NEPA outcomes
        • Upcoming Milestones:
          • NEPA – Historic and Archaeology Technical Study comments to be received after TDOT Historian and SHPO (State Historic Preservation Offices) review documents
          • NEPA – Resolve cultural resource comments and expedite the start of NAC (Native American Council)
          • TR - TDOT final approval
          • Design - Restart design process pending NEPA outcomes
        • Old Lebanon Dirt Road Widening/Realignment – WSP has finalized the alignment and profile of the roadway. They are currently working on finalizing ROW and easement plans, grading/drainage, and driveway tie-ins. We recently met with WWUD (West Wilson Utility District) to discuss waterline impacts. In the coming month, we plan to meet with other utility owners to discuss impacts. It is too early to define a construction timeline for this project. There will be a lot of property acquisition and utility relocations for this project, which can vary the timeline greatly.
        • Elzie Patton Safe Routes to School– We are currently under contract with Adams Contracting for the construction of this project. Construction is set to begin on December 9th. We expect construction to be completed by May of 2020.
        • Woodridge Place Sidewalks – We are currently under contract with Adams Contracting for the construction of this project. Construction is set to begin on December 9th. We expect construction to be completed by May of 2020.
        • Golden Bear Gateway Widening from Cedar Creek Bridge to Palermo Dr./Curd Rd. - We are currently under contract with Gresham Smith and Partners (GSP) for the design of this project, as this is an extension of the Eastern Connector project. GSP is currently in the NEPA and preliminary design phases of this project. We recently met with Wilson County Schools to discuss impacts on their driveway and parking lot. It is too early to define a construction timeline for this project.
        • Providence Parkway Traffic Signal – Staff have met with Kroger leadership, and they have agreed to donate 100k towards the installation of a traffic signal, which greatly helps offset the City’s cost on this project. Ragan-Smith has moved forward with the final design of the signal. We expect construction to begin in the summer of 2020.
        • Greenhill Road Roundabout - Ragan-Smith is proceeding with the final design of this project. The Board of Commissioners has approved a budget amendment to add funds to this project for a sidewalk/multi-use path connection from the Town Center Trail to Willoughby Station and Mt. Vernon Subdivision. We are working with Ragan-Smith to do a contract amendment to add the additional scope to the project. Once the contract amendment is approved, Ragan-Smith will begin with additional survey work and design plans for the sidewalk/multi-use plans. We expect construction to start in the spring of 2021 and construction to be completed by the spring of 2022.
        • Central Pike I-40 Interchange – TDOT recently advertised a request for qualifications (RFQ) to get an engineering firm under contract to begin the environmental and preliminary engineering design phases of this project.
        • ADA Transition Plan – The ADA transition plan is complete and has been adopted by Resolution by the Board of Commissioners.
        • Traffic Signal Improvements Project - Kimley-Horn has begun the preliminary engineering phase of this project. It is too early to define a construction timeline for this project.
        • Lebanon Road Sidewalks, Phase 2 – We are under contract with Wiser Consultants for the design of this project. Wiser has begun the survey and preliminary engineering work. Construction is estimated to begin in the Spring of 2021.

From my family to yours, we pray you have a very Merry Christmas! We are excited about the new year and looking forward to talking about our vision for 2020 and future years to come. Happy New Year!

We fully understand that your allowing us to communicate with you using text or email is a privilege. We do not share your information with anyone, whether they are a public or private organization. We do not use any taxpayer money, as all costs associated with the website, text, or email are from private sources.

If I can be of service or help in any way, feel free to reach out to me directly at 615-357-7440.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

James Maness

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